Santa Cruz’s Lifestyle Culinary Arts offers tasty Thanksgiving food to serve at home


Lifestyle Culinary Arts' presentation at the Santa Cruz Chocolate Festival

Lifestyle Culinary Arts’ presentation at the Santa Cruz Chocolate Festival

Lifestyle Culinary Arts chef/owner Andrea Mollenauer has announced her 2013 Thanksgiving menu, and she’s taking orders until Friday, Nov. 22. See below for menu highlights.

Mollenauer is a graduate of Cabrillo College’s Culinary Arts program, and a talented chef. She also serves as Advanced Instructor for ROP culinary high school classes in Santa Cruz County and sits on the Cabrillo Culinary advisory board.

Email or call (831) 588-4515 to get full menu or place order.

Pick-up is Wed. Nov. 27 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. or Thurs. Nov. 28 8:30-10 a.m. at Front Street Kitchen in downtown Santa Cruz (504A Front Street).

Last year Molleanauer shared her Signature Cranberry Chutney recipe with my readers; click here and scroll down for recipe.

Lifestyle’s 2013 Thanksgiving menu highlights:
• stuffed boneless turkey breast, white meat – ready to roast($15.95, serves 2-3)
• whole cider brined seasoned turkey — ready to roast, stuffed with apples, onions, citrus, herbs (18-22 lbs., $50, serves 20-25)
• signature cranberry chutney (tart and sweet with a hint of ginger, $5.95/pint)
• stuffing (apple, sage & dried cranberry $9.95, serves 4-6)
• maple roasted brussel sprouts w/apple pancetta ($11.95, serves 4-6)
• Companion Bakery organic sourdough loaves & Kelly’s Bakery dinner rolls
• pumpkin & pecan pies

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