Support Santa Cruz students via the ROP Culinary Holiday Bake Sale

Holiday cookie assortment from the ROP Culinary Holiday Bake Sale

Holiday cookie assortment from the ROP Culinary Holiday Bake Sale

Culinary students from the Santa County ROP (Regional Occupational Program), in local high schools, have created a bounty of goodies for a holiday bake sale. Treats are on sale through Dec. 15, 2013.

There are six different items available:
Holiday cookie assortment (1 dozen $6, 2 dozen $10, 5 dozen $24; choices vary – email or call for details)
Chocolate-covered holiday pretzels ($4.50)
Banana gingerbread loaf (3.5 inch loaf $3 or 3 for $8; 5.5 inch loaf $6)
Holiday chocolate cherry black forest log with meringue decorations ($24)
Chef’s signature chocolate ganache (8-oz jar $6; 12-oz jar $12—use this peppermint dark chocolate sauce over ice cream or melt into coffee for a delicious drink)
Christopher’s candied nut assortment ($8; candied pecans and cashews with dried cranberries & rosemary, for a snack or a holiday salad topping)

Andrea Mollenauer, Advanced Instructor for the ROP program, is very excited about this holiday sale. “It gives the kids an opportunity to get real-world hands-on experience while simultaneously providing affordable treats for parties, friends, colleagues, or just for yourself—the possibilities are endless!”

Customers are encouraged to give the ROP students as much advance notice as possible for order fulfillment. There are flexible pick up & delivery times (location is the Front St. Kitchen in downtown Santa Cruz at 504A Front).

For more information or to order, contact Andrea at 831-588-4515 or

Treats from ROP culinary students will also be on sale at the Artisan Holiday Food & Gift Sale at Front St. Kitchen on Dec. 15: watch my web site for more info on that in the next couple days!

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