A little more time to catch Pacific Catch’s Endless Summer menu

Endless Summer menu highlights, photo courtesy of Pacific Catch

Fabulous restaurant Pacific Catch, known for its sustainably sourced seafood and other delicious dishes, has a great ‘bonus menu’ going on through the end of October. “Endless Summer” features dishes like Ahi Poke Bombs, Pupu Platter, Korean Poke Bibimbap, and Passionfruit Pot De Crème. Suggested cocktails to accompany the limited-time food menu include Shark’s Tooth and Lilikoi Mai Tai.

The restaurant invited me to sample the Endless Summer menu, and I am so glad that I took them up on this opportunity. Here are some highlights from my recent lunch at the Campbell location, where I dined on the outdoor patio: I tried an Ahi Poke Bomb (Inari tofu pocket filled with sushi rice and choice of original, Korean, or serrano yellowfin tuna pokes; 1 for $5 or 3 for $13). I chose original – it was extremely fresh fish and the seasonings and textures worked beautifully together.

Next, I enjoyed a Ceviche Taco (fresh jicama shells filled with shredded lettuce and choice of three ceviches: Baja shrimp, sea bass, or spicy yellowtail; 1 for $5 or 3 for $13). I picked sea bass. The flavor was mild and satisfying, the fish very tender. This was a perfect snack-sized treat that got my mouth primed for my entree.

I almost chose the Endless Summer Rainbow Sushi Bowl ($25) for my entrée; with a variety of sashimi plus crab salad and more, it was very tempting. In the end I decided on Korean Poke Bibimbap ($19). What an exquisite combination of ingredients! The large platter came with Korean ahi poke, spicy cucumber banchan, kimchi, pickled carrot, shiitake, edamame, and sushi rice, plus a gochujang soy-chili sauce that adds savory heat. You can also add on a sunny-side egg ($2) or Korean-style steak ($6); I was in the mood for steak and was very happy I ordered this ‘extra.’ If you’re unfamiliar with banchan, like the cucumber in this entrée, these are usually cold “side dishes of vegetables” served alongside rice in Korean cuisine.

My dining companion selected a dish off the regular menu: the restaurant’s immensely popular Lobster Roll ($27). Picture this: a butter-toasted King’s® Hawaiian roll overflowing with tarragon-and-dill-seasoned lobster salad, avocado, radish, romaine, and chives. Pacific Catch is generous with both the lobster and the fabulously fresh avocado. Not only did my lunch partner devour the sandwich down to the wonderful roll’s last crumb, but he also savored every bite of the addictive sesame slaw that comes on the side.

A couple more notes about our visit: during the meal, we received attentive service. The diners at the patio’s other tables all looked well-fed and well-cared-for. In addition, I have to mention the high-quality, nice-looking dinnerware that our food was served on. It was impressive enough that I turned over one of my plates to look up the brand in case I wanted to buy some for myself at a future date. It’s England-based Dudson and through online research I discovered the company only makes tableware for the hospitality market. Ah well, I will just enjoy it when dining at Pacific Catch.   

Speaking of visiting PC, I recommend doing that as soon as possible—or at least by the end of October! That way, you can try some of these limited-time goodies, and sprinkle in a few selections from the regular menu as well.

If you’re a Pacific Catch rookie, I have a tip: peruse the menu ahead of time at pacificcatch.com/menus or you might be overwhelmed. It’s giant and has something for everyone, including influences from a range of cuisines. Over the three times I’ve been there I have not been disappointed with anything I’ve tasted. The diverse menu includes appetizers like shiitake miso soup, and dishes like sushi rolls, shrimp tacos, a Wagyu beef cheeseburger, and fish and chips (with the aforementioned sesame slaw). There are sides like Thai brussels sprouts, turmeric tahini cauliflower, Mexican-style corn on the cob, and Kimchi fried rice. There are also kids’ dishes for your little ones.

A Bowls & Greens section has tantalizing pre-designed combinations but if these aren’t to your liking, you can substitute a different base or protein (the latter includes salmon, grilled tofu, skirt steak, chicken breast, and more). Last, but by no means least, check out the Fresh Catch section. First you pick a fish from three choices including Hawaiian yellowtail. Then you select a style from four choices including Golden Turmeric or Asian Herb Chimichurri. Finish by picking a side and you’ll be served a filling, tasty large meal. 

Learn more about Pacific Catch—with 11 Bay Area locations such as Santa Clara and San Francisco—at pacificcatch.com.

Pacific Catch Campbell location & hours:

1875 S Bascom Ave. 550, Campbell,  (408) 879-9091

Open daily 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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