Ice Cream News: Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors subtracts five flavors including one of its firsts

Baskin-Robbins, which has been serving up satisfying ice cream for 65 years, is officially stopping production on five of its flavors – including one of its originals.

The official scoop: Baskin-Robbins announced on July 15, 2010 that to make room for some new combinations, five flavors have to go. The oldest is French Vanilla – launched in 1945, it was one of the first flavors offered by founders Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin.

The other four:

Caramel Praline Cheesecake (introduced in 1970), which combines vanilla cheesecake ice cream with caramel ribbon and praline pecans

Campfire S’Mores (1975), also known as milk chocolate ice cream, marshmallow ribbon, and graham crackers

Apple Pie a la Mode (1976), with vanilla ice cream, apple, pie crust, and caramel cinnamon crème

Superfudge Truffle (2007), chocolate fudge ice cream mixed with chocolate ganache and toffee truffle pieces

If you’re a fan of any of these flavors, I recommend going and eating a cone or sundae or two in honor of National Ice Cream Month (July) before they’re gone forever. The final tubs of these five flavors have already been shipped to various locations, and are only available while supplies last. See Baskin-Robbins store locator to find your nearest ice cream shop; Santa Cruz area locations include 1601 41st Avenue in Capitola and 100 Rancho Del Mar in Aptos.

Srinivas Kumar, Baskin-Robbins Chief Brand Officer, said that “Over the decades we have retired some of our iconic flavors into our Deep Freeze — like Miami Ice from the 1980’s and Beatle Nut in the 1960’s — but never before have five flavors gone into the Deep Freeze at one time.  By retiring these great flavors we are marking Baskin-Robbins’ milestone birthday celebration but also making room in our flavor library for new flavor innovation.”

Over 65 years, Baskin-Robbins has created over 1,000 flavors. The company will announce five new flavors this fall in honor of its 65th anniversary. You can read about some of the other flavors that have been retired over the years in the B-R Web site’s “Deep Freeze” here. They include combinations like Charlie Brownie (1967), Sesame Sweet (1972), and Gorba Chocolate (1990).

Curious about the other original 31 flavors besides French Vanilla? Here’s a list:

* Banana Nut Fudge

* Black Walnut

* Burgundy Cherry

* Butterscotch Ribbon

* Cherry Macaroon

* Chocolate

* Chocolate Almond

* Chocolate Chip

* Chocolate Fudge

* Chocolate Mint

* Chocolate Ribbon

* Coffee

* Coffee Candy

* Date Nut

* Egg Nog

* Fudge Ribbon

* Green Mint Stick

* Lemon Crisp

* Lemon Custard

* Lemon Sherbet

* Maple Nut

* Orange Sherbet

* Peach

* Peppermint Stick

* Pineapple Sherbet

* Raspberry Sherbet

* Rocky Road

* Strawberry

* Vanilla

* Vanilla Burnt Almond

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